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The eye is incredibly delicate, so even a seemingly minor bump or scratch could have serious consequences for your vision and eye health.

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing an eye emergency, please contact Associates in Eyecare – Bristow right away at (703) 392-1010. If our office is closed, please proceed to the nearest emergency room.

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Seek Immediate Medical Attention

If you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention.

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Eye pain
  • Sudden onset of flashes or floaters
  • Something lodged in your eye
  • Swelling in or around your eye
  • Significant ocular discharge
  • A scratch on your eye (corneal abrasion)

You should also seek immediate medical attention if you get any harmful chemicals in or around your eye.

Common Eye Emergencies & First Aid Strategies

Some eye emergencies happen more frequently than others. If you or someone you know is currently experiencing one of the following eye emergencies, please use the suggested first aid strategies and then seek medical attention.

Chemical contact can cause significant damage to your eyes and even put your vision at risk. If you get harmful chemicals in or around your eye, you should flush your eye for at least fifteen minutes using cool, clean water.

Even if your eye begins to feel better before the full fifteen minutes have elapsed, it is vital that you continue to flush your eye so that any residual chemicals can be diluted and washed away.

Once you have finished flushing your eye, you should seek immediate medical attention.

The cornea, the thin transparent membrane that covers the iris and pupil, is incredibly fragile, so even a small bump or slight scratch could cause serious damage. Corneal abrasions are incredibly painful and can leave your eye vulnerable to infection.

If you have a corneal abrasion, don’t rub your eye. If there is any debris in your eye, rubbing it will move it around, potentially causing further damage. If something is trapped between your eyelid and eye, you may be able to remove it by flushing your eye with cool, clean water. However, even if you are able to dislodge the object on your own, you should still seek medical attention right away.

If there is something loosely trapped between your eye and eyelid do not rub your eye. Rubbing your eye could shift debris around, causing more significant damage. You may be able to dislodge the object by flushing your eye with cool, clean water. Once the object is removed, you should seek medical attention.

If something is embedded in your eye, don’t rub your eye or attempt to remove the object on your own. Instead, seek immediate medical attention.

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